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Bellin “Star Product” —— Amber Series Picosecond Laser


Bellin “Star Product” —— Amber Series Picosecond Laser

Since 2010, Bellin began to develop picosecond laser system, up to now more than ten generations have been upgraded and more than 600 sets of industrial grade finished lasers have been verified through the market.In the beginning of 2017, we have issued our ultra-fast laser series - Amber Series Picosecond Lasers

Compared with former items, Amber Series have obvious advantages:

1. Easy operation;2. More perfect functions;3. Better stability

Its concise and clear software control interface brings more humanized operation experience to users. By this software, we can constantly monitor the status of laser power rate. And in the course of laser operation, once any abnormal state occurs, the system will automatically record and save, so as to facilitate subsequent tracking and diagnosis. The software sets enough parameter control and modify window which can flexible change parameter according to process demand.

At present, Bellin has successfully completed production of Amber Series IR Lasers and Green Lasers.  What’s more worth celebrating is in recent years, Bellin has ushered a more important “Member” in Amber Series – Picosecond Laser (10~30W). At present, 3 series of Amber series are gathered together. Bellin Laser will bring wider application and change to the fine processing and micro processing technology. Let’s See!

Bellin Amber Series Application

With the development of technology, in the field of material micro processing, the hot-melt processing method, which is formed by the resonance of photon and electron, can no longer meet the requirements of more precise micro processing for traditional materials。 As shown in the below table, the characteristics and processing difficulties of these materials have prompted us to find a better quality and ultra-fast laser- Picosecond Laser。 In recent research and applications, the advantages of picosecond laser have become increasingly prominent。




Brittle Materials


Thin, fragile, high hardness

Burr, chipping, carbonization

Silicon Carbide



Solar Energy Silicon

Metal Materials

Sheet Metal

Thin, high reflexes, heat conduction

Thermal damage,, deformability, burr

High Polymer


Thin, deformability

Carbonization, deformability


By years of accumulative technology and market verification, the Amber Series Picosecond Laser issued by Bellin Laser is gradually bringing its obvious advantages into play。

Amber Whole Series Laser width <15PsPart of models’ width <8PsM^2<1.3Roundness>90%, all these parameters ensure high quality of laser output for Amber series laser, which can achieve high requirements of material processing quality. At present, Amber Series lasers have been fully applied in the processing of LED wafer cutting, ceramic cutting, solar energy battery sheet cutting and glass chamfering.

1.     LED Wafer Cutting

Adopts invisible cutting method to match Amber Series IR Picosecond laser, brings singe-pulse energy to focus inside the wafer, and destroys material molecular in an extreme short time with no thermal influence and dust pollution on wafer surface. After chip cutting, it produces a very fine crack which high improved the yield rates of chips.

LED Wafer                                  Cutting Section

Chip Cutting Appearance

2.  Ceramic Cutting

Using Amber Series high power IR Picosecond laser to cut ceramic materials.  Classic application is mobile phone finer-print module cutting.  Its cutting line is straight with smooth edge and no thermal damage and no carbonization.

Ceramic Fingerprints Module                      Cutting Section

Arc Section Cutting

3.   Solar Energy Battery Sheet Cutting

Adopts Amber Series high power Picosecond laser. The cutting solar cell is superior to nanosecond laser in cutting channel cracking, chip bending strength and finished product yield rates.

Solar Energy Battery Sheet                             Neat Cutting Section

4。 Glass Chamfering and Edging

Amber Series high power Picosecond laser is applied to the full screen mobile phone panel glass at current hot stage. And with proper cutting technology, the laser can effectively reduce the edge chipping and enhance the glass intensity.

Glass Chamfering                           Cutting Section

Arc Section Cutting & Chipping

We believe that, under the macro background of “Industry 4.0” and “China Made 2025”, the demand for hi-tech manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and high precision manufacturing will be increasingly apparent and significantly increased. The ultra-fast laser will certainly welcome new rapid development opportunities. With the promotion of Amber UV(10~3W)Picosecond Laser, the Amber Series Picosecond laser from Bellin Laser will gradually cover the whole field of material micro processing , and its advantages will be more widely recognized.

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